Anyone for England?

anyone-for-englandWhat does it mean to be British? Clive Aslet was brought up to have a clear idea, but what should he now pass onto his children? There used to be a British way of doing things, an identifiable Britishness about products, a range of emotions, attitudes and responses that could be summed up as typically British—and not so long ago these values were widely shared.  The British felt confident about who they were. Now, despite rising levels of prosperity, that confidence has perished. The European Union, a world-weary media, Devolution and the multicultural agenda have chipped away at the old certainties. Institutions of which the British were once proud —Parliament, the City of London—have been brought into disrepute. What should the British save from the past to carry into the later decades of the twenty-first century? Wouldn’t we be happier if we knew who we were?