Landmarks of Britain

landmarks-of-britainLandmarks of Britain is the history of the nation told through the places where it actually happened. Each of the 500 ‘landmarks’ that Clive Aslet describes tells the story of a great event or figure: the effect is of a sweeping panorama of history, encompassing battlefields, cathedrals and palaces, of course, but also places linked with great events in the worlds of science, literature, architecture, religion, espionage, crime, sport agriculture and industry. Rousing tales of triumph and disaster are interspersed with witty insights into national quirks and customs. The discovery of vaccination and penicillin; the splitting of the atom; the writing of the Messiah, Paradise Lost and On the Origin of Species; the coinage of the phrase ‘Anno Domini’ and the equals sign; the cracking of the Enigma code and the smashing of the four-minute mile; the landing places of Julius Caesar and the rats that brought the Black Death; the invention of photography, television and radar—sites associated with these events appear alongside the birth and resting places of princes, poets and plutocrats.